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Hello and welcome to Claire’s Classes, you’re in safe hands on your journey to finding a new way to exercise to get in shape, tone up and looking and feeling great. With over 30 years’ experience I am renowned for my realistic approach to helping you achieve your optimum health and fitness including Clinical Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Toning and Cardio classes. I love what I do and I love helping people like you whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or indeed an expert, let’s work together to deliver you what you and your body needs, in the right way. 

Following my considerable experience in both the fitness and beauty industry I am now sharing my insight and holistic approach available to you by providing three Lockdown Survival Options in my Virtual Studio, each of which is designed to help people like you get fit, stay fit and flexible. 

This recent change in our circumstances has enabled me to look at what people want and need in their lives with regard to health and how best I can help and support you with that. I’ve created an online service to show you the best way for your optimum health and share my realistic approach to looking good and more importantly feeling great. 

 So why not join us for a taster session – try before you buy – and let me show you the best way for your optimum health 

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