Option 1: Lockdown Survival Package


Option 1: This is for you if you are looking for 30 minute workouts that will improve your muscle tone and help with weight control.  You would like the opportunity to interact  with other like minded people and to be able to speak with Claire directly with any questions once a week. You would like some advice on good nutritional tips and beauty secrets and a weekly motivational prompt!   You would also like the flexibility to do the workouts at a time that suits you and fits around your own goals and fitness level.



Claire’s Virtual Studio

Lockdown presents different challenges for all of us.  Maybe you are home schooling? working from home? enduring a lockdown on your own? Or maybe locked in with no escape from your loved ones 😊? Finding your day absorbed with calls and virtual contact to the nearest and dearest you are worried about? A key worker under pressure?  Simply lacking some structure to your week? 

There is no doubt we need to be utilising this time to make sure we are at our optimum health.  

Whilst in theory this is a great time to get fit and eat healthily the reality is we may be simply watching and listening to everyone jumping up and down from our chair or desk with a nice homemade cake in our hand….. 

Or maybe you’ve tried the workouts and either hurt for days, injured yourself or simply didn’t enjoy it?  Perhaps you feel the exercise options readily available are not suitable for you?  

 I have been observing all the options available and I have put this holistic and realistic  package together for you to help you utilise this time to ensure you emerge in the best possible shape.  

Looking good and more importantly feeling great. 

This is how it works:  

2 live workouts per week 

You will have  two live 30 minute workouts via ZOOM. Content will change each week, but one will be a cardio class and one will be a toning class. These will be designed to compliment your daily walk or cycle ride, using equipment you can find in your cupboards and with lots of alternatives to make them harder or easier depending on your fitness level.  You will also have a chance to have a live chat with your everyone else in the group before and after the class.

2 videos each week of the live classes 

Remember as well as the live classes you will be sent a recording of both classes, so if you can repeat them or do them at your leisure or do them at a more convenient time if you miss the live session. 

Live workouts will be

Monday 5.45 pm – All about Abs
There are so many ways to work your abdominals. Claire shows her years of experience giving the class a different focus each week. Standing Abs, Combat Abs, HIIT Abs, Abs with bands are just a few of the possibilities. Each week Claire will challenge you to tone your abdominals and mid section.

Wednesday 9.30am – Cardio Tone
Combining top to toe toning and burning calories Claire will keep you motivated with a wide variation of workouts including Barre Fit, Cardio HIIT, Legs Bums and Tums, Cardio Intervals, Cardio combat – the list is endless!

VIP Access to the member area 

 This includes 

  • A series of pre recorded home workout videos with Claire that you can save for the rainy days or use to add variety to your programme  
  • Nutritional Advice – Claire will be updating this regularly with advice on weight control and optimising your energy levels.  
  • Weekly motivational email update from Claire including a beauty tip for the week. 😊 

A Private Session with Claire.

As part of your package you can book a 20 minute private zoom session with Claire where she can help you with any queries you have, It doesn’t matter if it is weight control, exercise techniques or advice, getting the most out of your programme, or simply extra motivation! You can request a meeting each month by simply emailing Claire

Still Not Sure?

If you are still unsure you can book a taster class. The class costs £4.50 and you can chose to join us for the Abs or Cardio Tone class.
To book a taster class click here


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