So to reassure you, I’ve been involved in fitness for over 30 years, yes I know that’s showing my age – but with age comes experience and know how. Previously a nationally recognised leader in the fitness industry I presented all aspects of fitness teaching classes to all ages and abilities. I also trained and developed new fitness instructors for leading training companies at that time.  

After spending five years as General Manager for a large award winning Health and Leisure club, I consolidated my experience and knowledge on what people like you really want, and  I successfully opened Renu Health Beauty and Fitness, which is specifically designed to Relax the Mind, Tone the Body and Lift the Spirits. 

I have continuously developed and updated my skills and knowledge of helath and well being often working directly with qualified practicing physiotherapists, osteopaths, beauty therapists and nutritional experts to deliver you an all round plan that works for your body , fits in with your busy life, and the desire to do things at your own pace in your own time. This research and understanding of the human body has enabled me to offer advice in pilates for specific conditions such as shoulder, knee and back rehabilitation, neurological conditions and pelvic floor health as well as anti ageing, realistic nutrition and skin care.  

This means I can also advise and support you on skin care, anti-ageing solutions,  dealing with the menopause, realistic nutrition and weight control and postural confidence. In fact you may well have been to one of my classes over the years at Renu in Bourne where I’ve been the Managing Director for over 13 years delivering a large variety of classes day after day. I’m constantly learning new techniques  through regular training to keep me at the peak of my ability and to find ways to deliver the classes to suit everyone’s needs, experience and flexibility, in a safe and considered way.